Protecting Your Windscreen: Vital Signs to Look Out For

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As car owners, we've all come across that agonising moment when we hear the sound of a rock hitting our windscreen. It’s terrifying because we all know that something as harmless as a small rock can turn into a big problem. Windscreen damage also poses a significant safety risk, as the glass is an integral part of your car’s structure that keeps you safe. In this post, we will discuss the signs that indicate your windscreen needs protection.

1) Chips or Cracks

The most apparent signs that your windscreen needs protection are chips and cracks. Even small chips can grow and cause cracks over time, particularly in extreme weather conditions. Remember that windscreen damage not only poses a significant safety risk but it may also cause your vehicle to fail its MOT test. You should contact a reputable windscreen repair service provider as soon as you notice any chips or cracks on your windscreen.

2) Scratches

Scratches on your windscreen aren't as much of a cause for concern as chips or cracks. However, they can still affect your visibility, particularly on sunny days. It would be best if you treated your windscreen with care, as even minor scratches can turn into significant issues in the long run. If you find any scratches on your windscreen, get them checked by a professional and request a protective film.

3) Hazy Appearance

The appearance of a haze on your windscreen can make it challenging to see while driving, which is particularly dangerous when driving in low-light conditions. A hazy windscreen could be a sign of other underlying issues, such as build-up from pollution, smoking, or grime on the windscreen. If you notice your windscreen appears hazy, you should take it to a specialist to have it thoroughly cleaned.

4) Distorted Appearance

If you feel like the view through your windscreen is distorted or blurry in some way, it is essential to act fast. The distortion could happen as a result of the car's age or a potential issue with the windscreen's manufacturing process. If the distortion is distracting or makes it difficult for you to see while driving, get your windscreen checked by a professional.

5) Thermostat Faults

Did you know that your windscreen is an essential component of your car's heating system? A faulty thermostat could overload your windscreen, which can cause it to crack. Most modern cars now come equipped with a climate control system that regulates temperature, so ensure that you get your car's thermostat checked out by a professional if you suspect there might be a fault.

Your windscreen plays an integral role in maintaining your car's overall safety and structure. Any sign of damage to your windscreen should never be ignored or left to chance. Protective measures such as adding a protective film to your windscreen can prevent further damage from sunlight and flying debris.

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