Two Tips for Keeping a Shower Screen in Good Condition

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Here are two tips for people who want to keep their glass shower screens in good condition.

They should remove the water from the shower screen after taking a shower

A shower screen doesn't have to be fully cleaned every time someone uses the shower. However, it's still a good idea for a person to remove the water from this glass panel after they finish taking a shower. This is best done with a squeegee, as this tool's rubber blade can swiftly wipe water droplets off a glass surface in seconds. Those who want their shower screens to consistently look good should use this tool every time their shower screens get wet. If they don't, the water that splashes onto the glass will dry on this surface and create stubborn marks that will be tough to remove without copious amounts of shower-cleaning chemicals. As such, if people remove the water from their shower screens before it has a chance to dry and create these marks, they can not only avoid a lot of extra cleaning but could also cut down on the number of costly cleaning products they have to use to keep the glass in good condition.

When a person uses a squeegee on their shower immediately after having taken a shower, they'll also be able to take advantage of the fact that the shower steam will have softened any soap scum that may also be on the glass. In its softened state, this substance will easily slide off the glass when the squeegee glides over it. When a person removes soap scum as well as water droplets with their squeegee, they should ensure that they wipe the rubber blade afterwards to avoid transferring the soapy grime back onto the glass when they next use this tool.

They should use gentle cleaning tools, products and methods

Even if a person's shower screen has become very unclean, with lots of water stains and grime, they should still try to use gentle cleaning tools, products and methods to clean it up. Whilst this might mean that cleaning the shower screen may take longer, it could also stop its appearance from deteriorating any further. The reason for this is that glass shower screens can get scratched when cleaned too aggressively.

If for example, a person uses a household cleaning product with a gritty texture (like bicarbonate of soda) on their shower screen, and then they vigorously scrub off this abrasive substance with a scouring pad, they might create tiny scratches on the shower screen. Over time, the formation of lots of these tiny scratches could not make the glass look dull but could also make it harder to sanitise. This is because pathogens will get into these tiny etchings and be much harder to remove than they would be from a flat, smooth surface.

Contact a local glazier to learn more about glass shower screens.

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