A Guide on Windscreen Replacement

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Your vehicle's windscreen is one of the most technical parts to replace. Nevertheless, a broken windscreen affects your car's appeal, affects visibility and is a safety concern. Besides, you could be breaking a law. Below are some windscreen replacement tips that could prove helpful to any car owner. 

When Should You Replace The Windscreen?

Unknown to most drivers, windscreens do not need replacement when they suffer minor cracks and chips. Usually, most windscreen replacement companies have skilled professionals to repair these cracks. Typically, the glazier cleans and dries the surface to remove debris, dirt and moisture on the cracked area. They then apply a resin to the crack and harden it with UV light. The resin blends with the glass, sealing the crack and restoring the windshield to its original condition. 

The Windscreen Repair Process

Windscreen repairs are not always viable. If the windscreen has extensive damage, your glazier could recommend replacement. The glazier examines the car's make and model to determine a suitable windscreen. If possible, insist on the OEM windscreen since it is specifically built for your vehicle and it may have modern features found in your previous windshield, such as rain sensors, light sensors, heated wiper park area, shade bands and a windshield third visor. Besides, it is a perfect fit for your vehicle and you will not have to worry about leakage during rainy weather. 

When removing the windscreen, the professional wears protective gear, including gloves, an overall and goggles to prevent injury. They then remove the plastic or rubber mouldings surrounding the windshield, detach the windscreen from the pinch weld, cut the urethane layer, the remove the windscreen. 

Once the glazier removes the windscreen, they prepare the area to install the new windscreen. Typically, they sand the pinch-weld to remove dirt and urethane on the surface. The professional then sprays the pinch weld with primer to improve its adhesiveness to the urethane. The next step involves the application of the urethane and placing the windshield on the surface. In most cases, the professional makes minor adjustments to ensure the glass is in place. Once the urethane cures, the glazier installs windshield gaskets and clips. 

DIY windshield replacement can be pretty tedious. Besides, you risk injuries or breaking the glass if you do not have the required equipment and safety gear. Therefore, look for a glazier reputable for high-quality installations. If your insurance company covers windshield repair and replacement, ask the professional whether they accept insurance repairs. Finally, consider professionals who offer mobile windshield repair services. 

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