Two Tips to Follow When Choosing a New Shower Screen

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Here are two tips to follow when choosing a new shower screen.

Think about whether you need a frosted or clear glass panel

Shower screens come with frosted glass, clear glass, or a combination of the two. You'll need to think about which of these options is right for your bathroom. Frosted glass is a great choice if you want to obscure your shower cubicle or bathtub for privacy reasons whilst you bathe, or if you need to store lots of your toiletries in this area and want to obscure this clutter so your bathroom doesn't look messy. However, shower screens with clear glass are great in smaller bathrooms where you may not want to obscure any section of the space as doing so would create the illusion of an even smaller bathroom.

You might want to opt for a shower screen that is half-clear and half-frosted if, for example, you don't want to totally hide your bathtub or shower cubicle but you need some privacy when you're showering, in case another household member accidentally walks in on you or someone passes by the bathroom window whilst you're washing.

Consider your bathroom's existing aesthetic and any changes you plan to make to it

You should also take into consideration your bathroom's existing aesthetic and any changes you plan to make to it. For example, if your bathroom currently has plain tiles but at some point, you know you'll be replacing these with some ornate Moroccan ones, you should not opt for a shower screen with any decorative etching on its glass panel as whilst this might work well alongside your current plain bathroom tiles, it might be too much when paired with the ornate ones you will be fitting in the future. Having two large features with intricate patterns can make it harder to appreciate the beauty of either one.

However, if your bathroom is very simple in terms of its colour palette and features, and you have no plans to change it, an etched shower screen could be an excellent choice as it would introduce some style and beauty into this simple space. An etched screen could also be a good option if you need a frosted shower screen for privacy reasons. But this screen will obscure the lovely, patterned tiles you have around your tub or shower. Whilst the screen might hide these tiles, its glass will have some pretty etching that will compensate for this.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for shower screens near you.

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