Renovating Your New House? Here's What to Look for in Replacement Windows

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Before buying a new home, you picture a certain style and find a house that meets your expectations. However, not everything in the home will be how you'd like it. That's why a few renovations come in handy to give the space a personal touch. One of the things that you may not be so psyched about is the style of the windows in your new house. You may be thinking about changing them up and adopting a more modern design. Whichever style you choose, be aware that a lot of things go into choosing windows that will deliver on functionality, durability and aesthetics. This article will teach you three things that you should look for as you shop around for glass for your new windows.

Double- or Triple-Paned Glass

Are the windows in your house made from a single layer of glass? If so, consider investing in replacement glass that is at least double or triple paned. Double-paned glass has two sheets of glass sandwiched together, while triple-paned windows have three sheets of glass. In between the panes, the manufacturers fill a small space with insulating gas. The purpose of these multiple sheets of glass and insulation is to increase the energy efficiency of the windows. This decreases heat transfer between your home and the exterior space. Both options are energy efficient, but triple-paned windows are more energy efficient, as they have a thicker layer of glass.

Low-E Glass

Low-emissivity glass is a type of glass that reduces the amount of solar radiation that enters your room without affecting the amount of light that you receive. Windows made from low-E glass are particularly great for the living room and other areas where you may have furniture. That's because UV radiation tends to cause fading in leather and fabric, and this can degrade the appearance of the furniture over time. Glass that offers UV protection will not only protect your furniture, but it will also save your eyes from harmful UV rays, especially as you sit next to a window during the day.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Do you have a spouse or kids who enjoy playing football or basketball at home? Well, what will happen if one day the ball hits your window and the glass comes shattering down? You will be left with huge window repair costs. Save yourself from this by investing in impact-resistant glass. This glass can withstand impact without shattering, and it is excellent for regions that experience inclement weather.

When it comes to replacing windows, not any glass will be ideal for your home. Contact a company like Robertson's Glazing Service if you have problems finding the best replacement glass for your new windows.

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