When It's Time to Get New Residential Windows

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If a window in your home is broken, then of course it's time to call someone to repair or replace that window. But a window doesn't need to be outright shattered to need glass repairs or a replacement. Window glass can be damaged in ways that you might not see with a quick visual inspection but which can compromise the strength of the glass and which can also mean leaks of outside temperature. To ensure your home's windows are always in good repair, note when you'll want to call a repairperson or start shopping for new windows altogether.

Windows are draughty

Don't assume that draughty windows are just part of an old home, as drafts coming into the home through the windows can often be blocked with better sealant around the windows, if the window glass has come loose from the pane itself. A new application of this sealant can then block those drafts, and keep window glass securely in place. Uneven window frames and sashes can also mean that the window doesn't close properly, letting in drafts. Replacing the windows or repairing those damaged wood window frames can block drafts, keeping your home's internal temperature cosy year round.

Glass is scratched or scuffed

Never assume that scratches or scuffs on the glass of your home's windows are simply unsightly, as this damage to the glass can compromise its overall integrity. The glass may be more likely to break, or dust and dirt can build up in those damaged areas, making the glass weaker. Scratches on the glass might also mean that the windows have poor-quality glass that isn't insulating your home as it should, and replacing that glass can then mean lower utility bills throughout the year.


Condensation forms when a cold surface is hit with warm air; the cold water in a toilet tank or cold soda in a glass makes the tank or glass cold, and when the air on the other side is warm, condensation then forms. If this happens with your windows, this often means that they are thin and not well-insulated. In turn, the cold air from outside makes the windows cold so that humidity then clings to the warmer side of the windows, inside your home. Well-insulated windows won't conduct temperature like this, so if you notice that your home's windows are always covered in condensation, you might check them for damage or start shopping for replacement windows. This will keep the home better insulated and prevent condensation that may damage windowsills and frames.

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