3 Tips to Protect Your Glass Windows From Destructive Objects

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Did you know that windows can be the weak points to your home? Since they are considered fragile, they can be targeted by burglars as a way to enter into your home. Once they break the glass, they can sneak inside and carry away your valuables. Additionally, the windows are also at risk of breaking when you have children who are always playing in the yard. However, all these incidences can be prevented and you can have peace of mind. Discussed below are useful approaches that enable you to protect your windows from destructive objects.

Use protective film

An unobtrusive approach to protect your windows is using protective films. These are made using polyester and are simply added to your windows. There are numerous benefits that you will receive when you use these protective films. One is that your windows will be shatterproof since the film holds the pieces of glass if they are broken. As such, even when an intruder attempts to break the glass to gain access to your house, it will be impossible. The second benefit is that it is essentially invisible. The film is clear and, once installed, it is impossible for an individual to detect its presence.

Choose thicker glass for the windows

If you are building or renovating a house, you can protect your windows by buying thicker glass. Most widows are made using thin glass that breaks when slight force is applied. An example is when your children are playing on the lawn at the front of the house and one of them accidentally kicks a ball towards the living room windows. If you are using regular glass, then your windows will obviously break from the impact. However, when you use thicker glass, you minimise this possibility. This is because thicker glass panels can withstand a considerable amount of more force without breaking. It also saves you from the costs incurred to replace windows that have been broken accidentally.

Install hurricane shutters

The most common approach used to protect windows is installing hurricane shutters. You can decide to use either plastic, steel or wooden shutters. The benefit of these shutters is that they act as a barrier between your windows and an external object. As such, they are effective when you are away from your home. The downside of these shutters is that they cannot prevent accidental glass damage since they are only used to cover your windows occasionally.

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