How to Choose the Right Glass Shower Enclosure for Your Home

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A glass shower enclosure can be a good choice for any home, as glass is very neutral and works with any decor in a bathroom. A glass shower enclosure is very secure and can create an additional wall in the shower area, which might be needed by those with balance and coordination issues. Whatever your reasons for considering a glass shower enclosure rather than a standard shower curtain, note a few tips on how to choose the best option for your home's bathrooms.

Framed versus frameless

A frameless screen may look less cluttered and busy, something to consider for a very small bathroom. Also, if the towel bars and other accessories in your bathroom are made of a unique metal or other materials, you may struggle to find shower screen hardware to match, so choosing a frameless screen may be the better option in that case. Note, too, that a frameless screen might allow for a clearer view of the shower itself, something to consider if you've invested in expensive, attractive shower tiles.

On the other hand, a thick frame around a shower screen can dress up an otherwise bland and boring bathroom, and give some colour to a space with lots of white tiles. A thick metal frame can also tone down timber-look tiles in the room, and coordinate with aluminium frames around any windows in the bathroom.

Sliding versus hinged

The space in the bathroom will be the first factor to consider when choosing between a sliding or hinged door; obviously you cannot have a hinged door if there isn't enough room to open it without it hitting a toilet or towel bar! On the other hand, if the shower enclosure itself is somewhat small, there may not be enough room for a sliding door to open fully, so you may need a hinged door. If there is adequate space for either, consider the door's safety. If someone in the home has balance issues, as mentioned, a hinged door might not be the right option, as it may easily swing open if that person were to lean or fall against it.


A tall shower screen can add height to the bathroom itself, but ensure there is enough space for steam to escape the shower, and especially if the bathroom is very small or the exhaust fan is underpowered. A tall shower screen that traps all that heat and steam can be uncomfortable, and can also mean more risk of the walls in the bathroom absorbing that steam and suffering water damage.

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