The Different Characteristics of Shower Screens

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Most homeowners don't put much consideration into the characteristics of a shower screen prior to purchasing it. Yet, these characteristics can be the deciding factor as to whether or not a particular style or type of shower screen is suitable for you. Below is a look at some of the characteristics of shower screens you should consider when purchasing one for your bathroom:

Different types of doors

Shower screens usually feature different types of doors, such as:

  1. The sliding or bypass doors: These doors feature tracks situated at the top and bottom parts of the shower unit, which assist the panels to slide past each other when opening or closing the shower doors. They are popularly used in corner stand-alone showers.
  2. Pivot doors or swing doors: These doors can be mounted to swing either in or out, or open from a single side. They are a great alternative for bathrooms with limited spaces.

Framed versus frameless

There are two main ways in which shower doors and shower screens are attached or secured in place, namely:

  1. Framed: Framed shower units usually have aluminium frames on their doors and even all around in order to secure them in place. Most framed units will have a track, which has the disadvantage of collecting water, and therefore requires regular cleaning.
  2. Frameless:  These are the more modern types of shower units. They are simple, and they create an ambiance of spaciousness in the bathroom; thus they are ideal for small bathrooms. As their name suggests, they do not have a frame; instead they feature discreet forms of hardware and hinges which secure the entire unit in place.

Type of glass

Shower screens are made from various types of glass, and also feature a variety of glass finishes such as:

  1. Toughened glass: This is one of the most popular type of glass used to make shower screens. This type of glass reduces the risk of injury in the bathroom and is commonly featured in frameless and semi-frameless shower units.
  2. Frosted, tinted or clear glass: You can either choose the more modern clear type of glass, the tinted glass which offers privacy, or the frosted glass which allows a minimal amount of light into the shower unit while still offering privacy.

Shower screens are one of the largest design elements in modern bathrooms. They are also quite useful in keeping water inside the shower area. Use the above information to help you choose an ideal shower screen for your bathroom.

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