Three Ways To Use Stained Glass In The Home

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Whether you're remodelling or building a new home, you might be looking for creative ways to add charm and elegance to the design. Rather than sticking with conventional materials, why not install leadlight glass? Here are several ways to incorporate it into your decor.

Entrance Doors

The front door is one of the most noticeable features of your home from the street, and an attractive leadlight design will create a beautiful focal point. While this style complements traditional homes, you can customise the coloured glass pieces with a modern twist. Rather than delicate ornate motifs, why not incorporate stained glass with a minimalist geometric design of squares and rectangles? You can create any pattern imaginable, so the options are virtually limitless. Another benefit is that the glass will softly colour the light that flows through, brightening up the interior of your home with extra sparkle. The colourful glass will create a lovely viewpoint from inside as well.

Bathroom Windows

In a bathroom, privacy might be paramount, but small windows can leave the space feeling poky and cramped. A stunning way to allow for extra brightness is with a large, expansive leadlight window. If the room features a bath or spa, a decorative feature above will create a relaxing haven. You will be able to unwind and contemplate the glass and the shifting light patterns while bathing. You will thus have a large window and privacy at the same time.


Another unusual way to incorporate leadlights is within a skylight. You can replace a standard clear or frosted diffuser with coloured glass pieces. Whether in an attic or a kitchen, it will colour and illuminate the space below. Because of their horizontal orientation, a skylight potentially allows three times the brightness of a vertical window. It typically receives direct light rather than reflected shine from the ground, fence or other buildings. For this reason, think carefully about what colours to install. Oranges and yellows will warm up the light, while blue and green will imbue it with a cool ambience. 

You can use a variety of patterns such as traditional birds and flowers, or else simple designs of triangles and squares. Why not install a square diffuser with four simple squares of different tones of the same colour or four different colours? In this way, your skylight becomes a stunning decorative showpiece which you can personalise to match the style of the rooms below.

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