Glass Splashbacks in Commercial Kitchens: Are They Worth the Investment?

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Few kitchen modifications are as stylish and elegant as glass splashbacks. Not only do they make your kitchen stand out, but they also make it easier to clean and maintain the kitchen space over time.

While splashbacks are popular for domestic kitchens, they can also be used to spice up your commercial kitchen space. In fact, splashbacks in commercial kitchens are a smart way of boosting employee morale and adding a sense of personality to your restaurant (or other similar premises).

Here's why glass splashbacks are worth the investment in your commercial kitchen.

1. Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner

A top concern for many commercial kitchens is hygiene. Indeed, a dirty kitchen can put your business in trouble with health regulatory authorities during routine inspections. You can keep your kitchen clean by installing glass splashbacks. These surfaces prevent staining and the accumulation of germs and bacteria during meal prep.

You will find that glass surfaces are much easier to clean, sanitise, and maintain over time. Whether preparing routine meals or a Saturday night special, you won't have to spend too much time keeping the countertop clean.

2. Add Style and Personality

Another benefit of glass splashbacks is that you can add customisation to make the kitchen reflect a specific theme or brand. For example, the glass itself can be etched with your logo, intended design, or even backlighting to make the kitchen truly unique. With such customisation, the kitchen will be an important part of your overall band. You can even give your customers insights into how their meals are prepared; an activity that will shed light into the operations of your business.

When it comes to customisation, glass splashbacks present numerous possibilities. Work with your contractor to explore the many different lighting options, types of glass, and installation patterns that you can use for your kitchen.

3. Infuse Durability Even Under Heavy Use

An even more important benefit of splashbacks is that they protect the underlying wall of your kitchen from damage. By adding a glass layer, you don't have to worry about chipped paint, water damage or disintegration over time. This durability means that the downtime you would otherwise experience from kitchen repairs will be less.

4. Boost Morale Among Kitchen Staff

A clean, vibrant, and elegant workplace is an excellent morale booster for your employees. From chefs to servers and managers, kitchen glass splashbacks create an uplifting work environment that will keep everyone productive.

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