Why Choose Aluminium Frames for Your Glazing?

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There are a good many framing solutions for consumers to choose between from modern window manufacturers these days. Traditionally, one of the most popular frames for any type of glass installation were wood. Although wood is still widely used, especially in older properties, it is not as long lasting as more modern materials. Nowadays, along with PVC, it is aluminium which is often preferred for framing both doors and windows. What is it about this metal which makes it such a good material for manufacturing fenestration units?

Easy to Care For

Like PVC, aluminium windows require very little maintenance. First of all, you do not need to paint them or to provide them with any form of waterproof protection. They are able to create a fully waterproof seal around the glass they hold and against the wall into which they are installed. This will last for the entire lifetime of an aluminium window. Just like the glazing that resides within the frame, all that you need to do is to wipe it over once in a while with a little bit of soapy water using nothing more than a cloth.

Extra Security

Aluminium doors and windows are both extremely tamper resistant. This means that they can put up with quite a bit of abuse from somebody trying to gain unwarranted access to your property. Because aluminium window frames are made from an extruded metal, they will resist any attempt to force them away from a wall using a crowbar, or a similar device. Indeed, most modern aluminium window frames are fitted with extremely tough locks, too, which makes it even harder to break into your home or work premises.

Thermal Properties

In the past, aluminium was seen as a tricky material for windows and door frames. This is because the metal is a good conductor of heat which is an undesirable property to see in a material for frames. However, modern manufacturing techniques mean that aluminium window frames are now made from two separate extruded profiles which have an insulation bar sitting between them. Often made from plastics like ABS or nylon, such thermal break technologies mean that aluminium remains a perfectly good choice for installing in the home from the point of view of energy use reduction. They prevent heat losses in winter and from too much solar energy being transferred into your home in summer, the latter helping to lessen the number of hours you need your air-conditioning turned on for.

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