When Should You Repair or Replace Home Windows?

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Repairing or replacing your home's windows and interior glass, such as for a shower enclosure, can be a major investment, but the windows of your home are a big part of the structure's overall insulation. Poor-quality windows that are in need of repair can be letting out heating and air conditioning, and letting in too much sunlight, hot air, and cold winds from outside the home. Windows, shower screens, and other glass pieces in poor repair can also be at greater risk for outright breaking, and of course they're very unsightly! Note a few tips for determining when you should repair or replace your home's windows and other glass, and why this is so important for the home, and even for your wallet!

Can you feel the crack or chip?

When a window or shower screen, or any such glass in the home, has a chip, crack, scratch, or other such damage that is so prominent that you can actually feel its sharp edges, it's time to have that glass repaired or replaced! This type of damage can mean that the scratch goes several layers deep, compromising the integrity of the glass itself. A window may be letting out heat or cold, as mentioned, or may be more prone to outright shattering if you were to close the window too vigorously. Damaged glass can also be at greater risk of shattering if it were to be hit with any flying debris during a storm, or even because of vibrating against heavy winds.

A scratch that is so deep that you can feel it also means that this scratch is probably capturing dust and dirt, or minerals from hard water, that cannot be cleaned. This build-up of debris can make the damage to the glass surface even worse over time, so have the scratch repaired if possible, or replace the glass if needed.

Mineral stains

If a shower screen or glass splashback has mineral or hard water stains, including rust and other such discoloration, it's probably time to replace that glass. This staining is more than just unsightly; it may indicate that the glass itself is weakened and damaged. In turn, you may not be safe if you were to slip in the shower and reach for that glass door. In the kitchen, food splatters and other such stains may get through a damaged splashback and reach the walls and building materials behind it. To avoid these risks, have the glass repaired if possible, or outright replaced if needed.

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