Shower Screen: Three Essential Tips for Designing Your Glass Enclosure

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If you are planning on upgrading your out-dated bathroom, you should think about installing a glass shower enclosure. Shower screens help you compartmentalise your bathroom, creating a sleek, modern look. The screen will also exclude your shower space, preventing the indiscriminate splashing of water around the bathroom. However, you should note that the value of your improvement and the appeal of the space will depend on your design choices. Here are some practical tips for designing an ideal shower enclosure in your bathroom.

Choose an Ideal Glass Screen

You should evaluate the glass shower screens on the market and make a comparison before choosing the right material for purchase. The most popular glass used in building shower enclosures is standard tempered or toughened glass. This material is favoured because it is inexpensive. Unfortunately, the material tends to have a slight greenish tint. If you would like to have completely clear glass, you must choose a material that does not contain iron compounds.

If you are building an enclosure for privacy in your bathroom, you should look for treated glass shower screens. For instance, acid-etched glass is treated with special screens to create a satin or opaque finish. The screen will be translucent, but it will allow light flow. Sandblasted glass will have a frosted but appealing look. You can choose your preferred level of opaqueness. In addition, you should consider textured glass if you are looking for a decorative screen.

Decide on Shower Kerbs

You should decide whether you would like to have a shower kerb included in the construction of the enclosure. Kerbing involves the installation of a raised edge around the glass enclosure. The kerb is beneficial because it prevents the flow of water from the shower space to the other parts of the bathroom. As a result, clean-up will be easy, and the risk of slippage will reduce. Unfortunately, if you have a family member with mobility problems, the kerbing can be a hindrance. In this case, the enclosure should be built flush with your floor.

Plan for Proper Drainage

Finally, you should plan for proper drainage of water in your glass shower enclosure. If the water cannot be contained, the feature will not be highly beneficial. In general, you should make sure that the flooring is graded to allow the flow of water towards the drainage channel. If you install a kerb, you should ensure that it is sloped to face inwards. In addition, you should make sure that your shower seat slants to the drain.

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